September 19 | 2023 | Eindhoven

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1st edition HR Technology Awards

HR TECHNOLOGY AWARDS What are the HR Technology Awards?

On September 19, participants will immerse themselves in the world of Now, New, and Next in HR Technology and explore the groundbreaking possibilities it offers during the HR Technology Awards. 

The HR Technology Awards will be presented at the heart of innovation in Europe, the Brainport, at De Kazerne in Eindhoven. During this evening, we will celebrate the best practices in HR Technology Transformations and showcasing the most innovative tools and systems that have revolutionized companies and organizations.

Do you see yourself as innovative player or have you developed a groundbreaking tool that has achieved remarkable results? Get ready for the spotlight! Submit your nomination for one of the Award Categories by reaching out to You can also nominate an outstanding individual or company deserving of recognition!

A distinguished and independent jury will carefully evaluate all the submissions, handpicking at least three exceptional nominees for each Award Category. The suspense builds up to the grand finale as we reveal the winners in the end-user organization and software provider categories during the enchanting HR Technology Award show.

Almost every organization is undergoing digitalization of HR processes. HR Technology has become more of a ‘need to have’ than a ‘nice to have’. Has your HR Technology transformation been smooth, widely accepted, and produced impressive results? Then sign up for the award for the best HR Transformation using Technology. Of course, you can also nominate someone else!

An independent jury will determine the finalists. And who knows, your company or organization might win the first prize during the award show on September 19th!

Register your organization before August 18th and have a chance to win the award.

The transformation/innovation positively impacts or shows improvement in…

Creativity and Innovation: how has the project creatively contributed to positive change?

Improvement of Employee and Customer Experience: how has the project had a positive impact on this and what tools (think: surveys regarding engagement, satisfaction, onboarding, exit, eNPS) have been used to measure this?

Impact: What has been the impact of the project, and how did the necessary investment (time and money) contribute to the result

Do you work for an HR Technology software provider and are you proud of a particular product innovation that has been realized this year? Do you believe that companies and organizations can better implement their HR strategy using this technology? Or do you work as an end-user with a new groundbreaking tool that you want to highlight? Nominate this product innovation or smart tool to be eligible for the award for the best HR Technology Product Innovation of the Year!

Our independent jury will determine the shortlist, and during the award show on September 19th, you will find out if your product innovation wins an award.

Submit your HR Technology Product Innovation before August 18th and have a chance to win the award.

Are you working for an innovative HR Tech scale-up and proud of a particular technology you have realized? Do you believe that your technological innovation can help businesses and organizations shape their HR strategies more effectively? Or do you have an enthusiastic end-user (customer) who deserves recognition for embracing your new groundbreaking tool? Then we offer you the opportunity to nominate your product innovation or smart tool for consideration for the prestigious “Best Next Generation HR Technology of the Year” award!

Our independent jury will carefully evaluate all submissions and compile a shortlist of the most promising contenders. On September 19th, during the grand award show, the winners will be announced, and your innovation could be among them! Moreover, the winner of this category will receive a prize of 10,000 euros excluding VAT, in addition to a valuable learning journey and an excellent platform, as recognition for their achievement.

Submit your Next Generation HR Technology before August 18th and stand a chance to win this prestigious award.

The transformation/innovation positively impacts or shows improvement in…

  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Demonstrated and expected impact
  • Distinctiveness compared to competitors


The first independent award for HR Technology projects and HCM packages

Category 1

Best HR Transformation using Technology (focused on user organizations)

Category 2

Best HR Technology Product Innovation of the Year (aimed at software vendors)

Category 3

Best Next Generation HR Technology (aimed at scale-ups)


Objective assessment by a professional jury


Discover breakthrough technologies that are transforming the way we work, and the inspiring people behind them

PROCESS The Award Process

ABOUT The Jury

Anne Jaakke

HR Changemaker and Chair of the Jury

Rolf Jorna

Alumni Head of Group HR Action

Derk Koole

Business Leader Career at Mercer

Louis Luijten

Various board roles & Alumni CIO ASML

Pascale Peters

Professor of Strategic Human Resource Management at Nyenrode Business University.


Discover the HR Technology of tomorrow

An unforgettable evening where we explore the cutting-edge best practices, unveil groundbreaking tools, and examine the most innovative systems that are revolutionizing the world of HR.

AWARD SHOW The HR Technology Award show

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 19 during the festive award show in Eindhoven. The award show is accessible by invitation or nomination only.

Tuesday, September 19

16:30 - 21:30 Kazerne Eindhoven

PROGRAM Timetable


Reception and registration


Plenary program & Keynote

Plenary program featuring a keynote by Michel Stokvis, Senior Director of Randstad Innovation Fund


Standing dinner and networking opportunities


Continuation of seated dinner


Pitches from the finalists


Award ceremony and conclusion


End of program

AWARD NIGHT Book your ticket

Register for the HR Technology Awards.

Register for the HR Technology Awards.

Best HR Technology Transformation and Best HRIT Product Innovation of the Year

Nominate your project

The award show is accessible by invitation or nomination only.

Register for the HR Technology Awards.


LOCATION Directions to the award show

The location of the HR Technology Awards is the Kazerne in Eindhoven.

Paradijslaan 2
5616 NC Eindhoven

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Dominique Koek

AWARD EVENING Have you been invited? Register your participation for the award evening here.

Participation must be confirmed by the organization to ensure the curation of the target audience.